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PSK stands for Paralegal Society of Kenya. This is a coalition of Civil Society Organizations
undertaking paralegal initiatives as a means of enhancing access to justice in Kenya.
Paralegal Coordination and Training
Paralegal Society of Kenya has coordinated and trained Paralegals since its inception...
Legal Aid
Through its trained Paralegals, PSK gives legal aid to Kenya and beyond to those who cannot afford the services of Lawyers...
Lobbying and Advocacy of on Policy Development
PSK looks into policies but also pushes for the formation of new laws in the case that there are vacuums...
Information Dissemination
PSK uses its training curriculum as a medium for passing information. The curriculum is widely accepted...
Alternative Dispute Resolution
In support of Article 159 of the Constitution, PSK advocates for alternative ways of handling conflicts...

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Stakeholders Meeting

February 25, 2021
Flamingo Towers Nairobi, Kenya

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